Thursday, March 25

The Literary Soundtrack

Someday I'm going to get back to this blog. Meanwhile, I can be found at the Literary Soundtrack (and if you are looking for free books or free music, our Wednesday Freebies can direct you to some good spots.)

The Literary Soundtrack

Have you ever read a book that pulled you out of your life while you were reading it, one that gave you a glimpse of what else might be out there, or what you hoped might be out there? Have you ever had a song take you back to the way you felt while you were reading that book?

Music has power to pull us back to a moment. a feeling, a memory. It can transport us back to the strongest emotions of our lives with just a few notes. The Literary Soundtrack looks at those moments, at the songs and books that come together in our hearts to lift us out of our lives for second or two.

Come share your opinions with us. What songs do you think of when you're reading your favorite book? What book do you think of when you hear your favorite song? What do you think of our choices?

Friday, November 9

The Dance of Gods

Mayer Alan Brenner has released his out-of-print series The Dance of Gods under a Creative Commons license, available for download at his website in several different formats. The series follows the adventures of Maximilian the Vaguely Disreputable and a "... sprawling crowd of raffish characters, too smart by half for their own good and more than a little self-reflective ..."


  • Spell of Catastrophe
  • Spell of Intrigue
  • Spell of Fate
  • Spell of Apocalypse
Available formats: PDF, Microsoft Word, generic Palm (pdb), Rocket eBook, Sony Reader 500 and 505, and Mobipocket.

Thursday, November 8


AnotherRealm is a monthly e-zine, specializing in horror, science fiction, and fantasy short stories and flash fiction. Archives back to 1999, all freely available. A great site for fans of those genres!

Wednesday, November 7

Several Novels by J.A. Konrath

Author J. A. Konrath writes a suspenseful series about Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels, "a smart, sexy cop with a rocky personal life and a career that pits her strength and skill against the worst kind of evil."

Currently the novel Whiskey Sour is available from the website from page, but for a limited time only. Konrath also offers several earlier books as free .pdf downloads.

Free downloads:

  • Whiskey Sour - Lt. Jack Daniels has to find and stop the serial killer calling himself "The Gingerbread Man"
  • Origin - Forget aliens. It's Satan himself being studied in a secret underground government installation.
  • Disturb - Who needs to sleep? Just pop this new pill and finally have enough hours in the day.
  • But is the price too high?
  • The List - Albert Einstein, Vlad the Impaler, Attila the Hun, Joan of Arc. What do they have in common? Besides having been cloned, of course ...
  • 55 Proof - 55 of J.A. Konrath's short stories, 13 of them featuring Jack Daniels.

Monday, November 5

Ursula K. LeGuin

A very amusing piece from one of the greats of fantasy and science fiction.

On Serious Literature

She has a page on her website linking to electronic copies of her books and online excerpts of her works.

Monday, October 29

Brandon Sanderson Novel

Brandon Sanderson has written several novels and has his latest novel available online under a Creative Commons license. He has been putting the book up as he writes it, so there are three different versions available for download at this time.

Free novel:

Sanderson's current novels for sale:
Electronic short story for sale at Amazon:

Free Romance Novels

Romance at Heart Magazine has a page with links to the free novels they offer. There are also several short stories and a whole slew of promotional first chapters.

Romance at Heart Magazine: Free Online Romance Reads and Books

Current novels available:

  • Love Beyond Time
  • Night Vengance
  • His Lady of the Night
  • Dance In My Heart
  • Romantic Venture
  • Lost on Earth: Fateful Love
Current short stories available:
  • Mrs Tallmadge has Moxie
  • Jimmy Boy
  • The Angel Loves, The Angel Fights
  • Julia, Juliet and Julian

Friday, October 26

Romance Short Stories

Regency Romance Novels

There are two free short stories currently available, both accessible from the front page:

Introducing Smirke
Taming the Shrew