Thursday, March 25

The Literary Soundtrack

Someday I'm going to get back to this blog. Meanwhile, I can be found at the Literary Soundtrack (and if you are looking for free books or free music, our Wednesday Freebies can direct you to some good spots.)

The Literary Soundtrack

Have you ever read a book that pulled you out of your life while you were reading it, one that gave you a glimpse of what else might be out there, or what you hoped might be out there? Have you ever had a song take you back to the way you felt while you were reading that book?

Music has power to pull us back to a moment. a feeling, a memory. It can transport us back to the strongest emotions of our lives with just a few notes. The Literary Soundtrack looks at those moments, at the songs and books that come together in our hearts to lift us out of our lives for second or two.

Come share your opinions with us. What songs do you think of when you're reading your favorite book? What book do you think of when you hear your favorite song? What do you think of our choices?